QuEST to Reclaim Self-Sovereignty
A 9-month TRANSFORMATIONAL INCUBATOR for those who aspire to put the past behind, lead fulfilling lives and seek to expand consciousness within a community of like minded alliances

I'm currently selecting a small group of heart centered, open minded people who are ready to move beyond conflict and create breakthroughs in health, relationships and life.

Attention: bold weekend retreat warriors, transformational workshop enthusiasts, and passionate self-help bookworms on a quest for personal excellence
The time has come for you to
Elevate Your Soul 
Breakthrough Limitations 
& Align with Your Ultimate Potential.
Create a positive personal change while making the impact that you've always wanted.
Start date: Feb 2nd. Registration closes on Jan 26th 2020
with Shawna Pelton  | Author, Teacher, Healer, Podcast Host 
Midwife of Souls on a Journey of Personal Transformation
Become the hero of your own story and recreate your reality - the "right" way
Heed the call of your heart & fulfill your life plan following a strategic 
and supportive process for the unfoldment of your potential

As a Transformational Healer, Empowerment Coach & Spiritual Teacher I'd like to pass on the wisdom I've gained from my 18+ years of walking my path in service. 

I've been helping people live in alignment with their authentic self so to manifest their desires for an abundant, joyful life with stable emotions and energy, have clarity of mind, build a solid sense of self confidence and more meaningful relationships. 

What I soon realized was that people would often come in looking for quick fix solutions to escape their discomfort of feeling INCOMPLETE, discontent and stuck in some area; like

* ailing health 
* unfulfilled at work
* failing relationships
* repeating old patterns
* emotionally overwhelmed
* mentally drained & unfocused
* feeling out of control with addictions

People who wanted to experience more out of life but had little guidance on how to transform lead into gold and were missing the keys to create real change. 

I've observed how most people unconsciously stop themselves from progressing by allowing self-doubt & fear to run the show (in the form of excuses, judgments, justifications, rationalizations, busy-ness.) 

Giving up before reaching the summit.  

How does this happen? 

When we're uncertain of the direction we're headed, unfamilar with our real potential or not committed to learning how to create a new identity, it's easy to fall into the life traps of our self-imposed limiting belief systems (BS). 

And so, we hold off on doing the path-work until some day......"when there's more time, energy and money." 

Before you know it, you realize that the opportuntiy to create "some day" came and went multiple times, and all that's left is a trail of regrets in its wake.

As it turns out, when our brains and bodies are hijacked by self-doubt & fear, we typically gravitate towards one of two natures which keep us stuck in old patterns of resistance. 

Reactive Nature
  • ​Go on the attack and fight against what you judge as wrong, bad or undesirable (survival instincts)
  • ​Use your intelligence to knock your opponent off their center, too (intention: to "win" at all costs) 
  • ​Jump in head first without evaluating the full picture (act first, think later)
  • ​Behave in a way that is uncharachteristic of your true nature (fly off the handle and come undone)

This results in a loss of power by draining your life force faster than you can replenish it. 

With this type of energy, you'll end up pushing people, resources, and opportunities away while keeping your body in the stress response (weakened by pain and inflammation).

You may even feel like you're always on the defense or are distrusting of new people and ideas. 

Repressed Nature
  • ​Don't acknowledge the feeling and it will go away (attitude: "I'm fine") 
  • ​Stay busy doing "more important" tasks, often times for other people (with no energy left to address what's in front of you)  
  • ​It's 5 o'clock somewhere, pour that second glass of wine, smoke, eat, binge, etc. (over indulge in pleasures of the body that take you away from being present with your true feelings)

This results in entropy (no flow of life force = no JOY)

With this depletion of energy, you may attract people or circumstances that you fall victim to, and "rescuers" who try to "save" the day (co-dependence on others or substances) 

You might feel hopeless, like you can't catch a break.
You are NOT going to find what you're in search of or overcome difficulties this way

Why not?

For starters, if you're seeking change because of a belief that you or something in your life is wrong and in need of fixing, this is an error in thinking.

What I've come to realize is that most people who aspire to "Know Thyself" and seek for more purpose, joy & meaning in life have good intentions, yet don't know how to move beyond these blocks and approach the journey of enlightenment haphazardly, therefore remaining stuck.

And now for the GOOD NEWS!

I'm of the belief that embodying your highest Divine potential is THE single most significant non-negotiable quest there is (at least right here & now on this planet) 

I've also come to realize that the latest discoveries in science affirms what the wisdom keepers of ancient traditions have been teaching throughout recorded history.

Regardless of where you're at, living your best life while being one with the cosmos is possible. 

As a result of saying YES to becoming more fully alive, you'll be more effective in the world and can fulfill a higher destiny that is written in the stars and release the creative genius encoded within your DNA. 

Yet, even though you've probably read the best books, learned some incredible techniques from great teachers, you're only dabbling in a quick fix if you're not following a proven plan. 

That's why I've created this structured system designed to provide real results. 

How would your life change 
if you were to live FREE from 
the weight of your burdens? 

What would be different if you allowed yourself to really go for it and reached greater heights by awakening your creative genius?  
Growth is measured not only by how far we've come but by the impact of our efforts. 

If you've done loads of self help work yet still fall into the life trap of reactive or repressed behaviors, or you find that your outer world doesn't reflect your intentions... then keep reading.  

With a trusted roadmap and experienced guide you can defeat your dragons, cross over the deep dark abyss, claim your throne and glean wisdom from the path-work of your Sovereign Self.

Being surrounded by a supportive community of enlightened alliances with whom you can share your gifts and celebrate in each others successes makes the journey not just bearable, but more meaningful as you travel with delight. 

(Now that's what I call the "right" way)
What courageous vision do you have for your life?
My name is Shawna Pelton 

I'm on a MISSION to make a positive impact on the future of our world through empowering people to self-actualize so to experience personal freedom, have trusting meaningful relationships and never give up hope for making a difference to live, love, lead a fulfilling life by design. 

My experience, education & background combines
nearly 2 decades of passionate study and training under many spiritual healers of the mystery schools, hermetic esoteric teachings, ritual masters, & various healing modalities. 

Including: herbal & holistic nutrition, aesthetics, biontology, meditation, energy medicine, healing emotional wounds, NLP & hypnosis, Conversational Intelligence(TM) 

I really appreciate being grounded in the practical knowledge, and balanced by the spiritual nature of the work I do. 

More importantly, I have hands on experience in helping people get results, which is where I developed a proficiency in coaching for personal & professional transformation.
"Concealed within our basic unhappiness with life (and existence) is the embryo of a growing intelligence" Ken Wilber
I know you have big dreams within, just waiting to come alive
Maybe you'd like to...
  • Discover your potential for living in full alignment with your greater life purpose
  • Make an impact with your life and create a legacy of value
  • Have more meaningful, satisfying relationships with genuine people
  • Build and use your financial wealth in a way that makes a difference in the world 
And I can imagine that you'd like to do this in a sustainable way that feels grounded, enjoyable, and stable without having to worry about what others think of you. 
But before all of this, we have to address the 800lb gorilla in the room
What's holding you back?  
  • Exhaustion & Burnout : working hard, usually out of habit, obligation to others or fear of what will happen if you stop

  •  which means you may:
  • ​settle for less
  • ​procrastinate or become too tired to take new action
  • ​go through the motions without enjoying life
  • ​please others before honoring your own needs, leaving you physically sick or emotionally unstable                                          
  • Self-Doubt & Fear : Recycle old worry loops of sabotaging thoughts that hold you back from creating lasting change

  • which means you may: 
  • ​avoid taking action, even if you know what you need to do
  • ​protect yourself from getting hurt, failure, dissappointment, getting too close to others
  • ​compare yourself to others, or hold yourself to impossible standards
  • ​believe the excuses you tell yourself about not having enough___ or what it takes

Can you relate to any of this? (tough pill to swallow, I know)
Obviously, this isn't getting you where you want to go

But I have some more good news!

What if I were to tell you that there is a proven structured process to support you, 
and systems in place designed to help you get UNSTUCK and move forward?

Would you be curious to learn more?

This program is now 9 MONTHS (I expanded this from the previous 6 month version of the course without charging extra ;) 

This transformational program to help you discover what you're really seeking
 to be fulfilled by the power, beauty & strength of your Authentic Self. 

I believe that life is happening for us, from us, through us and as us, 
and people CAN transform not in spite of our challenges, but because of them

You are destined to live in "Right Relationship" with your Divine potential, 
heal the past, access your innate gifts and joyfully share them with the world

If not you, then who? 
If not now, then when? 
Is there not a more noble cause than to illuminate the world with your gifts? 

Don't sit around waiting for a breakthrough to happen
Consider this day to be your someday and seize the moment.

No more DELAYING, this is your call to rise up!
  • Emotional Stability – Deal with stress in a more calm & centered way, not just when things are easy but more importantly during challenging times.
  •  Increased confidence – Be more epowered with a greater ability to succeed and effectively work through difficult situations.
  •  Insight & Perspective – Gain an ablility to look at situations from a higher state of consciousness and understand where other people are coming from.
  •  Problem solving – Learn to think through challenging situations and developing the ability to solve problems as a creative thinker & conscious leader.
  •  Know Strengths –  Gain the gifts from past challenges and embody them passionately
  •  Dealing with Conflict –​Be able to handle difficult conversations without reacting with anger and effectively address issues with family / team or employee performance
  •  Communication – Develop strategies to communicate effectively from an authentic place for more meaningful interactions & connections.
  •  Alignment –​Deepen into Self love & acceptance to feel more in harmony with ALL of who you are while living with purpose & meaning
  •  Clarity – Be able to intuitively see the truth and beauty in all things, be more content in life and make confident decisions from a place of certainty. 

Make a QUANTUM leap in your personal growth and an IMPACT on the world as a wise leader

Use this proven system and process to help support you in taking your next step into your power as you activate your untapped potential from within, heal your heart, clear your head, and gain control over your destiny.

That's what this program is about

Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. 

But the first essential is that you begin

Once the battle is startled, all that is within and without you 
will come to your assistance.” Robert Collier
Are You Ready for Expansion? 
I'm currently conducting discovery calls to determine 
if this program is the right fit for you at this time

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Early Bird Registration Ends Jan 1st

Here's what you need to know

I'm selecting a small group of heart centered, open minded people who are ready to move beyond resistance and have a breakthrough.

This exclusive program is by application only and space is limited!

What you can expect when you join us to
QuEST to Reclaim Self-Sovereignty
A strategic and supportive process for the unfoldment of human potential

Navigating three stages of growth merged into one organized system

1st - Preparation
Heal the Past
Liberate yourself through forgiveness, heal and educate 
the "small i" (ego) on 
understanding how to be in "right relationship" with your life story and meet your basic needs
2nd - Journey 
Prime the Present
Activate your potential and discover the hidden power of your "mature I" (Soul) as you develop new skills to Self-regulate and Co-regulate with confidence & compassion
3rd - Return
Realize the Future
Elevate consciousness with your own expansion and add beauty out in the world with the unique expression of your gifts to fulfill your growth needs (whole Self)
How it works
This is a 9-Month Hybrid Immersion Program 
  • 6 virtual master classes: Half day "get'er done" training intensives, lessons designed for your advancement 
  • Intimate Virtual Group Coaching Circles: 90 minutes each with Q&A to anchor in the teachings from each lesson and "ILLUMINATION SESSION" personalized coaching within a small group for transformational support
  • Mastery Resources: Audios & Videos, modules, assessments, meditation practices, rituals, clearing tools & activities
  • Weekly Accountability: guided virtual sessions every week with me, in addition to your intimate partnerships in a community of enlightened alliances as well as 1on1 guidance from myself
What sets this training apart?
You won’t get lost in the crowd. Enjoy unparalleled expert access to me and all of my proven tools for healing & transformation through my group coaching and virtual classrooms. 
It’s almost like private coaching within an intimate supportive community. 

  • You’ll be championed and held accountable  
  •  Feel seen, heard and helped  
  •  Be supported through & recognized for your stellar successes
  •  It's designed to provide you with lasting results 

+ PLUS +
  •  Conversational IntelligenceTM Catalyst Tool - a personal assement for exploring unconscious patterns of behaviors in relationship with others
  • Gene Keys Reading - a map of your unique profile that helps you discover your innate genius, life purpose, karma, dharma, and path of profit. 
  •  1:1 Virtual Coaching:  private personal mentoring sessions throughout so I can assist you in meeting your personal goals, needs & map out a plan for achieving your desired outcome during this time together, as well as help you through any challenges that arise
Some of the Many Benefits
  •  Learn how to read the space in between the lines of your life story to draw out the patterns and give new meaning to life. 
  •  Witness the best of you emerge from the darkness
  •  Revitalize priorities & refocus on what you'd like to align with
  •  Become a more expansive being as you elevate the frequency of your thoughts, words & deeds to lift off like a hot air balloon and soar to great heights

3 Frustrations that can keep you feeling STUCK
  • Isolation - doing things the same old way we've always known yet expecting change leads to overwhelm and self doubt
  • Not enough structure - without a container or process to follow, one has no direction or support for any real growth
  • Limiting mindset - we can stop our own progression when we believe the stories we tell ourselves about not having / being / or doing enough 

How this can help you breakthrough blocks and get UNSTUCK 
  • Community Support - a rising tide raises all ships. When we align with like minds, it helps motivate & elevate the entire group
  • Proven Structure & Systems - I've extracted the best of what's worked in my 17 years of service and lay it out in an easy to follow roadmap
  • Upgrade Mindset & Skills - Building confidence is the best way of overcoming limiting thinking, and nothing builds you up quite like developing new skills that you can integrate into your life immediately and see results 
Before you embark on this grand adventure
do a little research by learning more about me here

Remember, this is a small class that will fill apply now to ensure your spot 
and receive the early bird special offer that ends on Jan 1st. The program begins Feb 2nd
Take inspired action before registration is full 
so you're not left to wait until next year to create your "some day"

I so look forward to seeing your name in my calendar and am even more delighted at the prospect of having your brilliant Self in this community. 

xo - Shawna Pelton

2018 Shawna Pelton
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